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•  Next, purchase a Bid Pack.
•  Each bid typically costs only 50 Cents here on Titan Bids.
•  There are currently 7 Bid Packages to choose from at all different price ranges.
•  Each Package offers Free Bonus Bids upon purchase.

Simply click the “Buy Bids” Tab once signed in, and select your desired pack and proceed to the Checkout. Once your package is purchased, these Bids will show in your “My Account” Tab, as well as your “Welcome” & “TBar” at all times logged into Titan Bids.

Note: Note: Titan Bids offers two secure Payment Gateways including PayPal & CC Bill. (You do not require an account with these merchants in order to make purchases on Titan Bids)


•  Search for a specific item!
•  Browse through product categories found at our Titan Bids Live Tab!
•  Look out for up-coming dates to participate in Featured Auctions! (Still to come)
•  Titan Bids works around the clock, listing an abundance of items!
•  You may participate in as many auctions as you desire simultaneously!


•  Use credits to bid on an item simply by hitting the “Bid” button!
•  Every bid increase the auction price by 1 cent.
•  Each bid will reset a 20 second counter, allowing other users a chance to bid/win an item. Once the counter reaches zero, the current bidder will be the winner!
•  Everyone has a chance to win at over 90% off retail!
•  Bid and join the many people who have won!


Selected Items only on Titan Bids feature a “Buy It Now” Option, leaving everyone a winner!

Selected items you have bidded on, though have not won, will be offered for sale deducting the bid amount already purchased.

Simply click the Buy It Now button in a selected auction’s description and you will not leave empty handed!


The benefits of Titan Bids’ Auto Bidder feature activated, allows flexibility for users by providing a fully automated bidding system. Simply enter a start amount of when you would like your Auto Bidder to commence and how many bids you would like to make from this point on.

Simply enter a start amount of when you would like you Auto Bidder to commence and how many bids you would like to make from this point on.

Auctions can be intense and having an internet drop-out, shutting down your computer or being pre-occupied during this time will not affect your bids and you can still be a winner!


Subject to each item, payment and shipping conditions will be included in an Auction’s description. Depending on Items, location, etc, items may, or may not require a postage fee. (Please check individual auction description.)

Expect a delivery process of up to 21 days from dispatch.


Titan Bids has implemented payment Gateways including PayPal and CC Bill. Both Gateways are extremely safe and secure.

You do not need to have a PayPal or CC Bill account in order to make bid or item purchases on Titan Bids.

We Accept major vendors including Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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